Whiteboard Creative was established to provide a customized experience for our clients. Founded by unique individuals with a diverse background of expertise in the web industry, we form a complementary team that is focused on creating custom solutions.

All of our clients have something unique to offer to the world. We believe that they deserve to present themselves online in an equally unique manner.

Our boutique agency envisioned a web company that provides services that are refreshing and functional to handle our clients online initiatives; Our main service is custom web design & development and branding. We push the boundaries of website performance so that our clients can get the best custom website solution we have to offer so they can stand out in the crowd.

We want to show our clients how to look outside of the box and experience what it really feels like to have a custom website that belongs to them with the ability to grow their business and brand online.

Did we mention? We have the best team!

With our collective skills we produce work that we can be proud of. We support personal and career driven growth, always learning and expanding our knowledge base. With the forward momentum of technology, it is critical to stay up to date with what’s new and upcoming.

User Experience and Design Team

Our design team focuses on user experience, website goals and of course, making you look good! Design is critical to your online success, it’s more than picking colours and fonts, our designers are all about strategy. How to get more email subscribers, how to get more leads, how to showcase your portfolio are just a few of the items we explore.

Development Team

Our development team ensures our websites are built up to web standards. Operating in Ontario means you must be AODA compliant, although it starts with design, how your website is coded and structured is critical to not only being accessible but SEO friendly and responsive too.

Quality Assurance Team

Our QA team makes sure all the website features are working properly, all the links are correct and the list of deliverables is complete. Our QA team is present during all the stages of your website project.